Manalo family is the richest cult clan in the Philippines

Manalo family is the richest cult clan in the Philippines

Mike Velarde, Apollo Quiboloy and Eduardo Manalo are the most well known cult leaders in the Philippines. It is also a very well known fact that these cult leaders are filthy rich. But who among these cult leaders is the richest of them all. Your answer is right. Eduardo Manalo of Iglesia Ni Cristo is the richest cult leader in the Philippines.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo inherited the family jewels and power when his father Erano Manalo suddenly died on 2009, a month after the 95th church anniversary of INC. Some people believe that the unexpected death of Erano Manalo is a curse to Iglesia because of different atrocities the INC have done in the Philippines. (INC supported the violent EDSA3 and INC is also a strong political ally of Gloria Arroyo).

Aside from owning many businesses, own television networks, own university and own hospital, INC also owns numerous chapels and properties outside the Philippines. Despite that INC members are only poor and INC is concentrated in the Philippines, a third- world country, INC properties continue to grow.

Political influence and intervention is also known for INC. Iglesia Ni Cristo hands was felt in the impeachment case of former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Government appointment is also part of the INC presence in Philippine government.

• Eduardo Manalo have not just inherited money but political power as well.

I think INC members would even be proud to claim that the Manalo family is richer than Velarde and Quiboloy clans. To them, the riches and the impervious political influence of Manalo family is a clear manifestation that the heaven have blessed Iglesia Ni Cristo. Wait. Heaven have blessed the Manalo family with tons of money and political power to influence politicians? Is it Satan is the one who is using money and politics to corrupt people? I am quite sure that heaven will not give religious leaders money and political powers while the flock is living in poverty.

• If I Love money and politics, I would join the Iglesia Ni Cristo in a heartbeat.

All hail and glory to the Manalo family.

I would envy Eduardo Manalo if I love money and don't like to go to work in my everyday job.

Although I pity your soul, I think many would envy you Eduardo Manalo for having no problems with money despite of having no daily tiring job.

Woe unto you, you filthy rich cult leaders.

Erano Manalo the Billionaire preacher

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  1. Inspiring! I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.


  2. that's so disgusting, he's surely burning in hell right now for denying Jesus.

  3. ang lahat na mga pastor na ito ay mga matakaw sa pera, sila'y mga asong walang kabusugan. ang mga taong ito ang nakasulat sa ISAIAS 56:11- Oo, ang mga aso ay matatakaw, sila'y kailanman ay walang kabusugan; at ang mga ito ay mga na hindi nangakakaunawa: sila'y nagsilikong lahat sa kanilang sariling daan na mula sa lahat ng dako, bawa't isa'y sa kaniyang pakinabang.

  4. hayag na hayag na ang mga matatakaw sa mga pastor ng mga relihiyon