Happy 97th anniversary to Iglesia Ni Cristo

Politicians in the Philippines are happy in the existence of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Gloria Arroyo (poll says The Most Corrupt President) is one of the strongest political allies of the Manalo family. INC supported the presidency of Gloria Arroyo in 2004 and favored the Arroyo senatorial slate in 2007 election. The bloc-voting doctrine of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is a mythical force in every election in the Philippines. (Although some politicians were cursed and lost the election because of the INC endorsement.) Mar Roxas was totally embarrassed with his humiliating defeat even INC endorsed him as Vice President in the 2010 election.

July 27, 2011 is the day expected that newspapers will be flooded with INC greetings from different politicians. Previously, July 27, 2009, Gloria Arroyo as a strong close ally of Iglesia Ni Cristo, declared Iglesia Ni Cristo day, a move that received condemnation by the Filipino people. Arroyo was obviously showing favor to the Manalo family. I think the declaration of July 27 being Iglesia Ni Cristo day brought a curse to the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Barely after one month of the proclamation by Arroyo, EraƱo Manalo died because of cardiopulmonary arrest.

The incompetent and incapable Eduardo Manalo inherited the INC leadership from his father. Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo does not have a well-known background for debating skills. Under Eduardo Manalo regime in INC, Iglesia supported the troubled Ombudsman Gutierrez in her impeachment trial. Eduardo Manalo also made a mistake in endorsing Mar Roxas resulting to a humiliating defeat both for INC and Mar Roxas.

With the 97 years of existence of Iglesia Ni Cristo, they are more well-known for their political involvements and not with desirable Christian works. INC directly condemns and attacks Catholics, Protestants and other religion. With the continued decrease of INC members, it is funny to claim by INC that only Iglesia Ni Cristo members will be saved.

Philippines should have been more prosperous if INC did not exist. Philippine politics should have been better if INC did not endorse and supported the Most Corrupt President, Gloria Arroyo. Iglesia Ni Cristo bastardized the legacy of the peaceful EDSA 1. INC members joined the violent anti-government protest during the EDSA3. Iglesia Ni Cristo continues to embarrass the good values of the Filipino nation. I am ashamed that Iglesia Ni Cristo existed from my beloved mother country of the Philippine islands.

Mabuhay ang mga Filipino.Sumpain ang mga Iglesia Ni Cristo.Tigilan na ninyo ang pakikialam sa politika.

Ang pagsuporta ng INC kay Gloria Arroyo ay malaking kasalanan sa sambayanang Filipino.

Ang pagsuporta ng INC kay Ombudsman Gutierrez ay malaking kasalanan sa sambayanang Filipino.

Happy 97 anniversary to Iglesia Ni Cristo

Happy 97th anniversary to Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo and their FAILED Political Endorsements

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